Solar Eclipse Photos

From August 11, 1999

Rimnicu Valcea, Romania

Photos on this page of the 1999 eclipse were taken by Mitzi Adams with the exception of the background coronal image, which was taken by Dr. Jonathan Kern, and the top right coronal image taken by Dr. Gordon Telepun. By combining Dr. Kern's image (taken with a Newkirk camera) with Mitzi Adams' chromosphere image, a composite was created in which the prominences were not over-exposed. Note, the differences between Dr. Gordon Telepun's photo of the corona at totality (on the right) and the Kern/Adams photo (on the left). Scientists study the changing corona as an indicator of changing magnetic activity on the Sun.

Totality Composite 1999 Totality 2001

Next, note that in 1999, the eclipse begins on the right side of the Sun, but first contact for the 2001 eclipse, was on the left side. (Back to 2001 eclipse pictures to compare.) Why do you think that might be? (Find the answer at the bottom of the page.) Click on each image for larger versions.

Before Eclipse Few min after 1st Contact Prominences at Totality 1
Prominences at Totality 2 Prominences at Totality 3 Mid-eclipse
  Totality Composite  

Answer to why eclipse began on the left side in 2001:
Romania is in the northern hemisphere, above the equator. Zambia, in the southern part of Africa, is below the equator. So, our orientation (as we viewed the Sun) was reversed. For a discussion of the phases of the Moon as seen from the southern hemisphere (and a nice diagram), see "The Moon for Southern Hemisphere Beginners".

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